Our Story

Cabcity began out of our backpack in 2011.

It began by making embroidered Cabcity snapbacks, limited printed shirts, sweaters, and hoodies, not intended to be sold but gifted to people who contributed to the street culture which is Cabcity. DJs, bartenders, servers, skaters and artists wear our brand while doing what they love, in the city that is our home: Cabcity, aka Calgary, AB.

Local businesses quickly requested our services! Besides creating Cabcity apparel, we also produce wholesale items for many companies.

We love to help artists grow their craft because they are the culture of Cabcity. We have hosted open jams for local musicians, bringing artists together to perform without pressure.

Cabcity Cafe

Cabcity Cafe is the evolution of our culture, opened February, 2020.

Cabcity Cafe is made for you by us. We are your neighbours!

Cabcity Cafe is a warm and welcoming space and the community hub of the Crystal Palace – shared home to The Way Collective and Yoga Sarana.

We prepare and serve wholesome food, organic ethically-sourced coffee, and nourishing TCM elixirs. We showcase art by local artists and host pop-ups by local artisans.

In the cafe, you’ll find our exclusive Cabcity apparel and we look forward to showcasing collaborations with local artists for limited edition products.

We are proud to serve Kingdom Coffee, This local company not only roasts exceptional coffee, but they are committed to giving back to the community. All their coffee beans follow a direct trade sourcing model by visiting farmers in Nicaragua and Honduras and purchasing the beans directly from the growers. They visit the farms and see the production first-hand which provides transparency on the growing and working conditions of each farm.

The OG Elixir – was created by Dr. Rose Galikas who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine through The Way Collective.

We care deeply about the environment. We are committed to using sustainable, locally sourced products when available. Our to-go products are compostable and recyclable, and our hats are made from 80% recycled materials. The Crystal Palace is an extremely efficient new building, with the newest features helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our cafe is the incubator and hub of the Crystal Palace – blending the vibrancy of our Cabcity community and neighbourhood in one space.

We feed bodies, souls, and minds through a synchronized trifecta: The Way, Yoga Sarana, and Cabcity Cafe.


Cabcity Cafe & Clothing

A hub for culture, community and clothing in Calgary, Alberta.


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Cabcity Cafe & Clothing

A hub for culture, community and clothing in Calgary, Alberta.